I was born and raised in Kansas and learned to cook alongside my mother. Now, along with my wonderful husband, I have taken the plunge into the city life in New York. These are my food adventures: in my own tiny kitchen, and in the many restaurants of the city.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Craft Services, Step 2

Shooting begins in less than a week for Equity the Movie, in which I will be the on-set caterer. What's the next step in my preparations? Freaking out.

Just kidding. Kind of.

I have spent so much time prepping, planning, organizing, going over details again and again in my head. I'm almost positive that I'm ready. It's just the thought of actually executing all those details that starts to get to me. I've prepared many meals for larger groups and once even catered an event for 90 with just one other person--but I've never had to cook for 10-12+ (up to 20 on one day!) multiple days in a row for multiple meals in multiple locations. But, I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

Tomorrow I am meeting with the producers, director, and assistant director to nail down some final details and hopefully get the rest of my questions out of the way. The biggest things for me are making sure to know what time food should be ready (so they don't have to miss important filming time) and figuring out how to transport loads of food around the city. Then the week will be spent shopping and preparing any of the snacks I can make beforehand (trail mix and cookies, for instance). I will be double checking that I have all of the extras at hand (plates, flatware, loads and loads of coffee). I will be checking and double checking with my expenses, making sure to stay within budget. Then Friday I will be heading to the first set, food in hand, ready to serve it up for the first night of shooting! For all the fear, there's also a lot of excitement.

Wish me luck!


joggingstrollerdiaries said...

Good luck girl! You will do great! I'm anxious to hear all about it :)

Erin said...

Sarah, I think it's so cool that you're doing this. It sounds like you're so prepared, and everything will go great. Good luck!