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Friday, April 4, 2008

Brown Velvet Cupcakes??

You know what it's like: you are surfing through your favorite blogs and all you can think of are those beautiful baked goods. Fluffy cakes, fruity tarts, scrumptious candies, and, I think the favorite of all, the incredible cupcakes. I can't look at blogs without getting that baking urge deep in my gut. Last week was one of those days that I couldn't get rid of it. After much thought, I decided I would try out a red velvet cupcake. My husband loves red velvet cake and I've never tried to make it myself--plus I thought it would look really pretty on my blog.
I was wrong.

I searched for a recipe that would be the best and came across one from Magnolia Bakery. Now I have had Magnolia's red velvet cake and it is delicious. I was so excited to make this recipe in my home. My first mistake, however, was not reading the reviews on the recipe.

Don't get me wrong--the cupcakes were not bad, but it definitely was not the most amazing red velvet that I have ever tasted.

My second mistake? In the food coloring. The recipe called for 6 TB of red food coloring (really?? I think this must be a huge mistake in the recipe--so not all my fault). I did not have 6 TB of red food coloring. I had 2 TB. Not even close. I figured I didn't need all 6, but the cocoa wasn't mixing together easy enough, so I thought I needed at least a little more liquid in there. Instead of using a drop or two of water (which was my first thought) I decided to use a little of the blue food coloring. I figured I'd make pretty purple cupcakes. But no. As soon as I added that blue food coloring everything turned black. I was so shocked and frustrated that I almost threw the whole thing out. But I ploughed on and hoped they'd turn out ok anyways.

They looked like rich chocolate cupcakes, but didn't taste like rich chocolate cupcakes. I think part of the charm of the red velvet cupcake is it's rich color and with it looking like something else your taste buds are thrown a little off guard. Luckily Joe's coworkers didn't seem to mind.
So, if anyone wants to let me in on a great red velvet recipe, I'd love to try these again. And maybe next time they'll actually be red.


Cakes by Combs said...

thanks for making me smile today! after seeing all of the gourmet recipes you make, it's nice to see that you are human! email me and i will send you my recipe for red velvet...


Emiline said...

They really do look like dark chocolate cupcakes!
Too bad the recipe sucked. 6 T seems like a lot. I had one recipe that called for 2 bottles of food coloring. Does that equal 6 T?
I just don't think you need that much. Who even knows what's in food coloring? Years from now they'll discover it's toxic.

I don't know if I have a go-to recipe. I think I made red velvet cupcake on my bday last year (July 4th).
Ok, I just looked up the recipe on my blog, and it's the same one you used! I only put 3 T in. I thought they were good cupcakes, but not amazing.


Kate said...

So my friend Haley is married to this guy who's mom makes the world's BEST red velvet cake. I've never had anything as good. Haley and her husband have been dating since high school, and last year she finally got the recipe. Her hubs is going to make it for my birthday!

Also - I'm taking a knife class this summer and the school also offers a cupcake class. They make green velvet cupcakes instead of red velvet ones. Just something to think of when you run out next time!

Cakespy said...

Oh my. I love the look of these! The stark contrast of the rich cake and fluffy frosting...ridiculously beautiful and delicious. ;-)